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Driving Instructors

We have the most experienced and qualified driving Instructors

At Defensive Driving School, we take driving seriously. Therefore when you learn to drive with us, you can be assured that you will receive your training from fully licenced driving Instructors who are leading experts in their fields. They have undergone a rigorous and strict testing regime to become a licenced Driving Instructor. Various checks are undertaken such as driving history checks, criminal history checks and our Instructors who teach students below 18 years of age also possess a working with children check that has been issued for “Employment” purposes. Our instructors also have qualifications in Transportation and Logistics (Driving Instruction) which is a mandated requirement.

Driving Instructors, Driving School in Melbourne
Driving School Epping, Driving School in Melbourne

Some of the Services our driving school offers

Our School has a 50 year history of driving Instruction. Our aim is not only to assist you to pass your driving test, but to make you a safer driver on our roads. We are able to provide lessons to students with learner permits from the age of 16. We prepare students for their VicRoads drive test and also do overseas, interstate and international driving licence conversions. Some of our students qualify to convert their licence either to a P1, P2 or full drivers licence and yet they still utilise our services as they may not be familiar with the road rules in Victoria such as driving with trams, doing hook turns, rules around intersections and also how to give way and signal appropriately on a roundabout. Our driving instructors assist to build your confidence on the road and make you a safer driver.

Some of the Value added Services that we can provide

Apart from providing driving Instruction to learner drivers, we also regularly provide lessons to Individuals who need our assistance to build their confidence on the road. We are able to provide you with driving instruction in your own vehicle if we assess that it is safe to do so and your vehicle is comprehensively Insured. Many of our students have been driving for many years and seek our expertise on more advance driving techniques such as defensive driving or driving in adverse weather conditions. Some just require our assistance to familiarise themselves when they purchase a new vehicle. Please contact is via email or call us to discuss your requirements. Due to the vast experience that our Instructors possess, we are confident that we will be able to assist you with your driving requirements.

Driving Instructors, Driving School in Melbourne
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