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Advanced Driving Lessons Perth


Level 1 Advanced Courses Designed for:

“P” Plate Drivers – Log Book hours & for licensed Driver’s wanting to gain General Confidence, better Skills and to Build overall knowledge and Experience. Both Advanced Driving Lessons Perth are perfect to follow after the ‘Learner Driving Course’ and qualify for Log Book hours. These 2 courses have been specifically designed to improve your driving ability, confidence and experience through a number of practical exercises and scenarios. These courses are intensive ‘one on one’ courses with our Advanced Driver Trainers. You will learn skills available to specialist drivers, such as Police and other emergency service personnel, skills that are critical for safe accident free driving. Just think, if taking an advanced driving course helps to avoid one accident then the course has paid for itself. You can’t put a price on the investment in your life.

  • Do you know how to prevent or recover from a sideways slide?
  • Do you know what happens to the car under emergency brakes?
  • How do you corner safely at speed?
  • Are you timid or nervous on wet or gravel roads?
  • What is ABS, Traction Control – does your car have it?

The available driving courses are:

  • On/Off Ramp Procedures, Lane Changing and Merging at Full Speed
    Speed Management to Maintain the Flow of Traffic
  •  Overtaking And Multi-Lane Changing without fear
  • Creating Gaps in heavy traffic
  • Dealing with Tailgaters and ‘Lane-hoppers’
  • Extended Forward Vision
  • Emergency Braking and Safe Escape Routes
  • Identify Emergency Lanes, Bus and Taxi Lanes
  • Stopping on the Freeway and Avoiding Accidents
  • Common Exits to the City (Wellington, Hay, Murray) and to Northbridge (James and Farmer Freeway Tunnel) and other Exits (Riverside Drive, West Perth and “The Shed”)

City Specific Advanced Driving Lessons Perth Include:

  • Best Routes to Hospital and Police Stations
  • Identify Bus Lanes, Clearways & Other Parking Restrictions
  • One Way Streets
  • Driving in congested and narrow streets
  • Safe Speeds and Hazard Perception
  • Multi-level Car Parks and Inner City Parking
  • Northbridge and The Horseshoe Bridge

Lesson Length: 2 Hours Outcome: This confidence building driving course conquers city nerves and boosts traffic awareness and knowledge of road laws, while greatly enhancing driving skills.

2 hours Price: $140 / person
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With you in the driver’s seat, we demonstrate how a vehicle behaves to help you identify the limits and characteristics of vehicles under varied driving conditions. We build your confidence, refine, develop and hone your current driving skills. You will be more aware of hidden and unexpected dangers and develop natural instincts and reactions. The increased knowledge and experience will help you to understand and “Know your personal limits”. Location: Hills – Kalamunda, Mundaring Weir and State Forest Regions. Features:

  • Country Style Hilly Terrain
  • Travelling on Narrow Winding Bitumen and Gravel Roads
  • Emergency Braking on Varied Road Surfaces
  • Best Cornering lines
  • Country Hazard Awareness
  • Effects on vehicle of road camber
  • Extended Forward Observation at maximum speeds
  • Overtaking Safely at Higher Speed Limits & on single lane roads
  • Driver Fatigue and Vehicle Management Skills
  • Driving well at maximum speed limits
  • Vehicle characteristics and reactions

Lesson Length: 3 Hours Outcome: By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Identify and experience how a vehicle behaves on different road surfaces
  • How to brake safely and quickly to avoid hazards
  • Learn and practice the Best steering, cornering and braking methods
  • Understand the difference between Country & City driving
  • Understand and Know your personal Driver skill Limits
  • Drive within your limits
  • Drive Safe & Drive Smart

3 hour price: $330/ per person (own car)
3 hour price: $430/ per person (instructor’s car -manual) ‎

Note: This is an intensive course tailored to suit individual skills and development needs. This is not a casual country drive, but is loads of fun and delivers large volumes of knowledge and advanced driver skills. It is a comprehensive advanced driver training course.

  • Focus on key road rules, and on safe driving techniques and behaviours
  • Suitable for team learning and team building
  • Predefined program curriculum that can be tailored for you or your group
  • Comprises theory and practical driving components
  • Delivered by former RAC trainers

1.5 hours Price: $200 / person

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  • Focus on key road rules, and on safe driving techniques and behaviours
  • Predefined program curriculum that can be tailored for you or your group
  • Comprises current practical driving rules and regulations

1 hour Price : $75 / person

  • Road driver assessment for individuals using company/personal vehicles, sedans, buses and trucks.
  • Includes short vehicle safety checks.
  • VOCs may be conducted so individuals and vehicles can work on work/mining sites

1.5 hours Price: $75 / person
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