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Driving Lessons Wollert

The Most Comprehensive Driving Lessons in Wollert

With 50 years of experience and wirth a team of the most qualified driving instructors, Defensive Driving School is the most reputable driving school in Wollert, offering some comprehensive driving lessons. The driving mentors we have at our disposal do not ‘produce’ mere learner drivers, but much beyond. They would offer driving lessons that not only impart the driving lessons and skills but more than that, which help our trainees gain the confidence of passing their driving test at the first attempt.

Driving Lessons Wollert, Driving School in Melbourne
Driving Lessons Wollert, Driving School in Melbourne

Our Driving Lessons in Wollert are all encompassing

At Defensive Driving School, the driving lessons that we offer are the best in terms of quality, content and structure. We offer automatic as well as manual driving lessons, and they not only cover every major and minor driving skills and technicalities, but much more. Apart from the driving skills and the current Vicroads traffic and safety road rules, our driving lessons in Wollert also discuss to a fair extent, the mechanical anatomy of the car, the spare parts and their functionalities and other means to keep them in top notch condition at every given point in time.

Our driving curriculums are created by the best experts in the industry who have taken into consideration the compulsions of today’s drivers to compose the driving programs which has evolved greatly over the past 50 years that we have been providing driving instruction. The lessons are a perfect balance between the classroom sessions and on road sessions, so much so that every learner who enrols for the lessons gets an equal share of classroom and practical sessions.

At Defensive Driving School we offer lessons of various durations, though amazingly every lesson curriculum has common content so that every trainee gets the core concepts thought regardless of the package chosen.

Our driving training courses in Wollert comprises basic techniques of driving for those who are aspiring to learn driving from scratch, as well as advanced lessons for the experienced drivers looking forward to brushing up their driving skills under different road conditions and adverse weather.

Our training curriculum also comprises discount packages, test and lesson packages, conversion of overseas licence packages, advanced driving curriculum and log book packages.

Last but not the least, despite the fact all the lesson packages are exxcellenty in terms of quality, affordability and great value for money.

Driving Lessons Wollert, Driving School in Melbourne
Driving Lessons Wollert, Driving School in Melbourne

Our Driving Instructors in Wollert are next to none

Regardless of which trainee course our driving instructors in Wollert have to deal with, they come up with training with equal care, compassion and intensity, thus imparting in depth knowledge to the trainees. They would follow an easy paced training with specific coaching methodology, so that every trainee feels at ease during the lessons – something that helps them master the skills with pace and perfection.

We pick up our trainees and drop them off at a pre-agreed location and this gives our trainees peace of mind and we are able to work around your schedule, which adds to the convenience of our trainees.

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