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Driving Guidelines for Small Children’s Safety

Driving Guidelines for Small Children’s Safety


Learn about road rules and safety tips to keep children safe around schools or at the marketplace or any other crowdy place like malls or during a fair.


As the nearby area of the school is most crowdy during the morning when children’s go to school and also when they leave for their home. At this time small children are more vulnerable, So make sure to drive properly by taking extra precautions and care.


Here are some tips that have to be kept in mind while heading toward the



Speed Limit 25km/h to be kept around schools

The area around schools has a specific speed limit to drive at that area. 25 Km/H is the speed limit that has been specified by the Australian Government to be followed while driving around schools. All the schools are marked with special signs and a Zigzag mark to alert the drivers beforehand approaching the school zones.


Maintain Safety around trains and trams

You should always use pedestrian crossings at tram and train stations and you must wait for the crossing lights and bells stop and the boom gates to open before you cross the line. And always look both sides to make sure that the tracks are clear to cross the line. You should take extra precautions while crossing the lines by not using headphones or mobile phones.


PI Passenger restrictions

If you’re driving towards the school then make sure that passenger restrictions is applied to P1 License holders under the age of 25. As Immediate family members are exempted so you can take a brother or sister but you can only carry one friend


aged between 16 to 20. This law is applied at any time of day or night unless a qualified supervising driver is present next to you.


Child restraints

According to government guidelines, while traveling in a motor vehicle in Australia, all children under 16 years of age must be restrained in a suitable approved restraint that is properly adjusted and fastened to ensure children’s safety.


The law is specific for children about what type of restraint is to be used at different ages and where children must be seated in a vehicle. The main aim of these laws is to reduce the risk of injury caused by restraints that are unsuitable for a child’s size.


It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that all passengers are correctly restrained.

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