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How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost In Perth

The day you get your driver’s license is one of the best days in life. You start planning all the places you will drive to. How you are going to go on road trips and shopping spree. The thought of being the driver brings a rush of adrenaline in your body and excites you. Always remember to be careful on the road. This helps in reducing the rate of accidents that occur in a day on the roads.

Driving FAQ’s

1. Why take driving lessons?

• Helps you become a better driver

Taking driving lessons helps you to become a better driver. It ensures that you are careful on the road and know how to follow traffic rules. This limits the cases of accidents in the country. Having safer drivers on our roads ensures that the road is safe to use by both pedestrians and other drivers. When you are a better driver, you will learn to obey all the traffic rules and be safe on the road.

• Saves time and money

Having a driver’s license allows you to save on time as you already know how to use the road. You know what the road signs mean, how to use the roundabout and this makes it easier for you to use the road. Additionally, it saves you money on hiring a chauffeur since you can drive yourself around the country without any help.

2. How much do driving lessons cost?

Driving lessons don’t cost much, and a lesson can range from $45 to $150 depending on what lessons you will be taking. Normal standard lessons cost around $60, and you can learn the basics of driving and parking your vehicle. Getting all the lessons and taking up on a test can be costly and it can cost around $150 to get the lessons. You can register with keys 2 drive and get the first free lesson for you and your supervisor this will save you on the beginner’s class.

Additionally, you can get discount packages where you pay less to get the driving lessons. This saves you money, and you still learn all the basic knowledge of driving, stopping, braking and parking. Getting driving lessons as a package is more economical than paying for one lesson at a time.

3. Role of a driving instructor

The role of a driving instructor is to show you new skills on the road. Additionally, they play an important role in boosting your confidence in driving. An instructor learns your abilities, confidence and how you can handle lessons. This allows them to know how many lessons you will take and how fast you can take your driving test.

Drivers Test


Before getting a driving lesson, you need to know how much do driving lessons cost for you to come up with a budget. Additionally, you need to know the importance of taking driving lessons.

If you are looking for a driving school in Perth contact Defensive Driving. Their driving instructors are most qualified and highly experienced, hence making your driving lesson experience the most remarkable one.

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