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Why You Should Learn Driving from a Professional Defensive Driving School

Defensive Driving School, Perth offers best & top quality driving lessons and test services in every suburb of Perth and Brooklyn. If you want to be picked up from home and dropped off somewhere else, school, office, work, etc? Defensive Driving School can definitely do that. We have flexible booking times and we book lessons according to the learner’s flexibility to the time. Our Team consists of highly trained and experienced driving instructors servicing the Perth & Brooklyn suburb. We are confident in our teaching ability and success rates. Our Trainers are very polite and humble.Our Trainers try to solve all the queries related to the driving. They make the learners.

Learners always


Defensive Driving School


Defensive Driving School helps you in assisting to book your driving test at any Licensing Center in Perth and Brooklyn. Our instructors are very professional and talented and they take the utmost care to teach driving. For all test options and log book packages please call (+6l) 8937 00000 or visit our website https:/


Log Book Packages


We provide special discounted prices for log book hours, advanced booking, country and also city courses. You can book for as many hours as you need, even those evening hours. All types of packages are available for booking.


Why You Should Learn Driving from a Professional Defensive Driving School

Knowing driving is extremely important these days. Driving is a complex skill, so it requires a learner’s dedication and proper training. For proper training, one should consider enrolling at Defensive Driving School to equip themselves with the right skills and knowledge.


  • Instructors help you learn the basics of driving a They will provide you with practical experience.


  • Instructors help you master driving skills with the help of an organized course structure and expert trainers.


Above all, Defensive Driving School is such a driving school that helps ensure that you become a skilled, confident, and responsible driver.


1.   Access to World-Class Driving Training


Defensive Driving School employs best instructors across the country and we have designed training curriculums and Lesson Packages according to the government regulations. Male as well as female instructors are there in our team. Students are getting access to both theoretical and practical driving training experience at Defensive Driving School, Perth. The training modules/packages are designed as per government regulations that include both practical and theory sessions for complete training. Furthermore, you also get to practice more which helps you to learn all the controls of the car in a safe environment. Taking practical experience makes you more confident before you proceed out to drive on the road.


2.   Learn Driving in Different Situations with Defensive Driving School


People feel comfortable driving in all conditions but there are conditions where they are not able to control it. This is where joining a Defensive Driving School proves to be helpful. Our instructors provide guidance to learners, where they are weak in driving. A driver faces different conditions when they drive on the road. They may need to drive in a hilly area, during rain or fog, or may face various other situations on the road. Defensive Driving School helps you to prepare for that. You also get to experience difficult driving situations like fog, rain, night driving, and uphill terrain that gives learners first-hand experience of facing different types of driving conditions.

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