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5 car games for your kids on a long drive

Driving is way more fun with family and friends. Especially, the little ones love to get into the car and enjoy their rides. But you might have noticed that after a certain time, they become cranky and end up making chaos. It might make them ask you a lot of questions, or cry and will eventually irritate you, and disturb your driving. So, what to do to keep your kids engaged and entertained? We have got it covered for you. Here are a few car games that will help you handle your kids on a drive.

I spy

One person has to begin with “I spy with my little eye…” and others have to guess what they are trying to explain. For instance, one would say, “I spy with my little eye something red, and it has four wheels”. The other will start guessing, and when they finally crack the word, they get a point for it.


You can prepare a Bingo chart of the list of things you will see on the way such a lamppost, petrol pump, a large banyan tree, etc. Give the tickets to each player. The one who finds everything first is the winner of the game.

I am going on a picnic

This one is a fun memorising game. One person begins by saying, “I am going on a picnic with a fruit basket”, and then, the other must continue the whole sentence and add one more word. For instance, the other person will say, “I am going on a picnic with a fruit basket and some chips”. The third one will continue the sentence by adding another word. The one who breaks the chain loses the game.

Guess who am I?

Here, one of the team members will think of a place or animal and the others have to guess the word by asking questions. For example, if you think of a duck, and other people will ask questions like ‘Is it a bird?’, ‘Does it has leg?’, ‘Are you thinking of a human?’ The one who guesses first gets the point.

Colour, Colour, which colour do you find

Among all the car games, this one is the easiest. Take a sheet of paper, and write down the names of colours, other than black and white. Give it your kids, and ask them to tick off the colours they see while on the journey. The one who finished the entire list first wins the game.

Now that you have the list of fun car games, you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy your ride with your kids!

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