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Being a Commuter, You Must Know Your Rights, If You Are Stopped By a Traffic Police.

In day to day life we as a driver or commuter encounter with the traffic police. It is the duty of Traffic Police to maintain Law and order on the road by ensuring everyone’s safety. However, sometimes they can catch you for breaking the traffic rules of road safety. So it is necessary to learn the rules and be practical while commuting on the

Traffic Officer’s Power

A traffic officer has the right to demand your driving license and vehicle documents. The officer can also take the documents if found necessary or in connection to an offense or any accident. They will provide you with an acknowledgement receipt or an impound slip in return. They have absolute authority on the road’s safety and it is your duty to obey their instructions. They have the power to seize and detain your vehicle if you are unable to provide proper documents or for breaking the rules. They also have the right to arrest you without a warrant, if you are found committing any offense.

Do’s and Don’ts when you are caught

When signaled by the traffic officer, you must produce all necessary documents. Avoid getting into any sort of argument with the officer. If you have committed an offense mistakenly you can explain it to the Traffic Police Officer and kindly ask for a pardon. However, you are entitled to the follow the road safety rights as well:

1. Without providing a valid reason, receipt or slip, traffic police cannot take
your driving license or any other documents.

2. A male officer cannot touch or search a female who is not accompanied by a

3. You can politely ask for his name and batch number if the Officer’s uniform
does not have a name or the buckle does not have a number.

4. The traffic officer cannot confiscate your vehicle keys or force you out of the

5. If you are arrested for committing any offense or violating any law, you must
be immediately taken to the police station and if detained then be presented
before a court within 24 hours of your detention


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