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Defensive Driving helps you reduce risk. Here’s how!

Defensive Driving is a driving technique wherein the motorists train in such a manner that they can predictably identify the upcoming hazards. All these strategies are beyond the basic driving rules. The big advantage of this driving is that the motorists improve their driving skills by anticipating the situation, and taking control of it, with safe and wise decisions. These decisions are made implemented based on the environmental, and road conditions which are present when completing a safe driving activity.

Here are a few Defensive Driving tips that can help you reduce the risk behind the wheel:

Safety comes first

Avoid aggressive driving to put yourself in a stronger position when it comes to dealing with other people’s bad driving. When on the road, maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front. Always lock your doors, and fasten your seat belts. It will protect you from being thrown out from the car in a crash.

Pay attention to the surrounding

When the steering is your hand, your eyes should always be moving. Keep a check on the car moving ahead of you, check your side mirrors, and scan conditions around you. If someone is driving aggressively, you should slow down and take the other route, if any. Also, you must keep an eye on the pedestrians, bicyclists, babies, and pets along the road.

No dependency on other drivers

It is nice to be considerate about other drivers, but it is also essential to look out for yourself. Don’t think that the driver in front of you will step aside, will give you the way to go, or slow down. Always be ready for the worst-case scenario that’s possible.

3-to-4-second rule

Since the chances of accidents or collisions are mostly from the front end, it is better to follow the 3-to-4 second rule. It will help you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, and it gives you adequate time to brake, in case there’s an accident. Though this rule keeps you protected, it’s safe only under good weather conditions and when the traffic is normal. In bad weather conditions, it is recommended you must maintain more distance.

Watch your speed

Higher speed makes controlling the vehicle difficult and increases the chances of sudden mishaps. So, it is necessary to ensure that your speed matches conditions. To take control of your vehicle at the time of accidents, you must take control of the speed.

Have an alternative exit option and avoid distractions

If your usual path of travel is blocked for some reason, you should have an alternate route ready with you. This will help you reach your destination much faster, and on-time. Avoid distractions such as taking calls, texting, or talking to the person on the back seat to pay full attention to your driving.
If you love these tips, and wish to take a Defensive Driving Course, you can get in touch with Defensive Driving School, Perth. We’re here to make you feel safer behind the wheels.

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