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Department Of Transport Hazard Perception Test

Driving is a big responsibility. Not only are drivers responsible for themselves and any passengers in their vehicle, but they also have to think about pedestrians and other drivers on the road. In addition to the learner’s test and the road exam, there is also a Department of Transport Hazard Perception test aimed at gauging the reaction and ability of drivers to assess safe and unsafe road situations. If you are about to take an HPT, there are some online resources with practice tests you can study.

What is a Hazard Perception Test

A Hazard Perception test is just as the name indicates: a test for drivers’ perception ability to recognise dangerous circumstances while driving. It is a computer-base test that features a number of video clips of different traffic and road situations. The test will ask you to respond to each depicted situation with a click on the mouse when it is safe to conduct a certain manoeuvre, or when actions should be taken to reduce the danger in a given situation.

The idea behind the test is that new drivers get the chance to hone their driving perception skills before actually facing those kinds of potentially dangerous situations on the road.

Six Tips to Help with Your HPT

1) Study

When it comes time to book your HPT, allow a little time in between booking and taking the exam to prepare. The Department of Transport website has some practice tests for cars or motorcycles. These tests are a good indicator of how the test’s process works and the types of situations it is good to be mindful of when driving or learning to drive.

2) Review the Driver’s Manual

Regardless of how well you did on your learner’s exam, be sure to review the driver’s manual before taking the Hazard Perception test. This will help keep certain rules of the road, such as who has the right of way in certain situations, fresh in your mind.

3) Booking the Test

When it comes time to book the test, be sure and choose a time that does not leave you rushed. Find a good chunk of time where you can arrive easily and not have to rush after. Rushing does not aid positive test performance.

4) Be Physically Prepared

Although HPTs are not physically taxing, they do involve concentration and focus. Make sure you are properly hydrated and fed before taking the test so you can remain fully focused.

5) Keep Your Hand Ready

For the actual HPT, you will need to indicate quick responses with the click of your mouse, so make sure your hand is on the mouse and ready.

6) Pay Attention

Pay attention to the clips – if you miss something, you cannot play it back.

One of the best choices you can make as a new driver is to invest in Defensive Driving School. This will help hone your reactionary skills and ensure you are ready to face all the challenges that traffic and driving present.

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