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Do you drive correctly?/Do you know all the rules of driving?

Do you drive correctly?/Do you know all the rules of driving?

Let us look at the driving status of Australia. Every Year, many people suffer from road accidents. This is mainly due to improper driving. A driver’s licence provides a sense of freedom but it also comes with big responsibilities. Thousands of road crashes result in serious injuries and death every year, making driving vehicles one of the riskiest things, so it is very important to learn driving by everyone whether it is a male or female. Some of the points related to driving school are as follows.


  • Minimising the driving risk by proper
  • Use of seatbelts must be ensured by the instructor before
  • Go/Drive Slow in some situations/areas like bad weather, heavy traffic, near schools and pedestrians.
  • The legal blood alcohol level is 05. Don’t drive if you have drunk. Severe penalties are applicable for drink or drug driving offences and it may also lead to accidents.
  • Be concentrated during driving. Avoid using mobile phones, eating, drinking, smoking and also don’t be distracted by the moving
  • Tiredness or fatigue can make you sleepy while So, take a rest every 2 hours. Get out of the car, have water, get fresh air and some exercise.
  • Now head over to the Safer Driving section for a refresher on being a safer, smarter driver, but learning to drive needs time and practice makes you a perfect You can start learning now. Call to book your lessons on +61 8937 00000 or visit us on https://wv•
  • Driving is one of the riskiest daily activities that everyone has to So, learn driving from Defensive Driving School.
  • Drivers under the age of 25 are more likely to be involved in road Follow the Safe Driving tips for young drivers. Learn why and how to be prepared for driving.
  • Get Enrolled in Defensive Driving School, where you’ll be guided through the attitudes and behaviours that make you a safe and smart
  • Alternatively, you can learn rules from the Defensive Driving School, Perth Driver’s Handbook. especially the section on road safety, which teaches your responsibilities as a smart




There are some golden rules which must be followed while driving any vehicle.


The ingenuity of sharing the road while driving


Everyone enjoys and loves driving. Roads are public property so, it is extremely important that you drive safely. You must adhere to the traffic rules and regulations and maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles while driving. Drive slowly and carefully near schools, hospitals, and construction zones. Strictly adhere to the driving instructions when you are near children, blind persons, handicapped individuals, and old people.


Driving in speed is not the fun


Driving within speed limits, and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles. Take quick decisions in emergency cases. Drive slowly wherever it is necessary.


Brush up your driving Skills


Always practice everything that you learned in the driving test. It is better to follow traffic lights and safety rules while driving than get into a queue of problems. Avoid mobile conversations while driving.


Learn about your car better


If you will learn your car’s features, then you will be able to make decisions while driving. Have complete knowledge about your vehicle.

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