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Take the next turn, safely and properly

Driving is not a piece of cake. Handling the gear, keeping an eye on the road, managing the steering, and staying focused, there is so much to do, and so little time to think. But, thanks to all the driving schools that help you learn how to take control of the wheels.

Many of you become a pro at driving without even taking the driving lessons. Well, kudos to them! Though you might be an ace at it, a wrong turn can put your life in danger. So, how to deal with the unexpected turns on roads? Here are a few tips that will help you take safe and proper turns.

Alert the fellow road mates and slow down.

Numerous cars are driving behind you, and for safety purpose, it is necessary to signal them. Alternatively, you can also brake before the turn starts, so that others get an indication about it. But, remember to signal or brake when you are 100 feet apart in cities and 200 feet apart in rural areas, from the cars behind you. When there’s a turn on the intersection without any red signal, you need to slow down and be aware of the cars coming from all directions.

Scan the turn.

Before taking the turn, make sure you go through the halting areas for potential hazards  (other vehicles or animals) in the roadway. Later, identify the right lane and get into the centre of it.

Make use of hold and turn process for lesser turns

When the whole road starts looking like a big curve, apply the hold-and-turn steering method. In this, your hands do not cross each other, and you ‘re able to handle the turns coming your way. It is also known as pull-push-slide defensive driving technique.

Use the hand-over-hand method for sharper ones.

For the roads with turn after every 10 minutes, switch to hand-over-hand steering process. Here, as the name suggests, your hands will cross, and as your both hands are on the wheels, you will be quick to act, if needed on a mid-turn.

Accelerate out of the turn, when you have the control.

Once you are halfway on the turn, start to accelerate gently. As you do so, you will notice the wheels straighten out. But, do not let them go, hold on to them, and bring them back on track. Use the hand-over-hand method for it. It might be a little difficult in the beginning. but you’ll learn with practice and time.

For beginners, it is essential to learn the art of turning a vehicle. So, make sure you practice it well in your parking lots or a nearby ground. If you still need help, get in touch with us for defensive driving lessons.

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