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Teaching road safety rules to kids | Defensive Driving School,Perth Australia

In Children’s life growth and development is an important phase which is the trickiest but compulsory part of life. The fast moving generation needs fast moving technology along with its training to the individuals, otherwise
the technology can be misused. Children have a tendency to move out, wonder and explore. Keeping kids safe at all times can be challenging, but you can teach your children about road safety with the help of this article.

Awareness on road safety and traffic rules: Teach your children learn about the various road signs and traffic rules. You can use colored books and art and craft to help them catch better. Red: Means to ‘stop’, Yellow:
Means to ‘start’, Green: Means ‘go’. These are basics of road safety one can start with. Educate your children about the safety rules of Zebra Crossing and Traffic Lights.

Ethics of road safety: Teach the kids to be always alert on the road. Use of footpaths is always the best option while walking. Help kids to learn and be alert to sounds of vehicles approaching and horns blowing and make
their next step accordingly.

For Avoiding any mishap in your absence on the street, one should teach children about the basic road ethics; for example, never sticking their hands out of any moving vehicle or playing around with the vehicle controls.


Use of safety restraints in vehicles: Physically children are smaller thana verage adults and the standard safety belts in the front seats of the car cars do not properly fit to protect Small children’s bodies. One should seat their
children in the rear seats of the vehicles, where the seats are equipped with safety belts and teach them about their functions. Never leave children alone in the vehicle.

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