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Overseas Licence Conversion Surrey Hills

Overseas Licence Conversion in Surrey Hills

Are you a holder of an overseas driver’s licence forward to convert it to a Victorian drivers licence ? Your search for experts who can assist with your overseas licence conversion service in Surrey Hills. We understand the process thoroughly and look forward to being of assistance to you at Defensive Driving School. We are the most comprehensive in the business, when it comes to offering this service.

Overseas Licence Conversion Surrey Hills, Driving School in Melbourne
Overseas Licence Conversion Surrey Hills, Driving School in Melbourne

How does it work?

For individuals who are looking forward to converting their overseas licence, we are the one stop solution. Individuals who have an overseas licence will have to convert it to a Victorian licence within six months of residing in Victoria. The following are the basic steps

  • Checking the validity of the present driver’s licence, whether is has expired, cancelled or suspended for any period since issuance and an English translation may be necessary
  • The type of tests you will have to take will depend on various factors including whether your licence is recognised or from a non-recognised country, your age and your driving experience
  • There are 3 basic tests to complete
  • The Learner Permit Test (also called the Road Law Knowledge Test) either online or in person
  • Hazard Perception Test either online or in person
  • On Road Drive Test In person
  • Depending on the above circumstances, you will either receive your P1, P2 or Victorian Full Licence upon passing your test.

Please note that if you fail a VicRoads practical driving test then you will not be allowed to drive in Victoria using your overseas or international drivers licence as it would not be safe for you to do so. If you are exempt from taking any practical driving tests then you will not be affected by this.

Besides all these licencing rules, Individuals will need to have an understanding Victorian road rules and regulations, as it is extremely important especially given that the rules of driving in Australia and Victoria are pretty different from other countries. We have rules on driving with trams, doing proper hook turns, roundabout rules that may differ from your home country.

If you are visiting for less than six months, you are able to drive in Victoria with your overseas drivers licence however its important to understand that all the road rules and laws will apply when you are driving. After six months, your are supposed to convert your overseas drivers licence and we are the best driving school in Surrey Hills to us.

Those who have been granted permanent residency before 6 months have to get the learners licence for practicing safely and appear for the practical driving test for obtaining the conversion.

We also offer practical training sessions to many interstate drivers or international drivers who are able to covert their lessons without undertaking a practical driving test. This will enable the international or interstate driver to become familiar with the unique aspects of driving on Victorian roads.

How can our driving instructors in Surrey Hills assist?

Our driving school in Surrey Hills would recommend booking in a lesson with our qualified driving Instructors as this will give our licenced Instructors an opportunity to assess your driving standard against VicRoads driving criteria. We will provide an objective and impartial assessment of your driving skills and provide our recommendation on the next steps. This will help the instructors in guiding the individuals accordingly.

Overseas Licence Conversion Surrey Hills, Driving School in Melbourne

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As Defensive Driving school has been operating in Surrey Hills for many years, our driving instructors are experts in the area and have the local knowledge essential to our students having the best driving experience in overseas licence conversion. We ask you to contact us via email or using the “BOOK NOW” button on our website and experience our difference.

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