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Learning to drive is not enough. Mere knowing the driving skills will not make much of a difference. You will have to master the skills to turn out to be a confident and quality driver. For that, you need to enrol in the best driving school near your location. What better name can you opt for than Defensive Driving School, if you are in Ringwood? With the best driving instructors offering comprehensive lessons and over 50 years of experience, we are the most trustworthy driving school in Ringwood.

Driving School Camberwell, Driving School in Melbourne
Driving School Camberwell, Driving School in Melbourne

Our Driving Lessons are Comprehensive

At Defensive Driving School, we offer comprehensive driving lessons, which include every driving skill – major and minor, the latest Vicroads traffic and driving rules, and even a reasonable knowledge about the spare parts of a car, their maintenance and functionality. This all inclusive nature of our lessons helps you to crack your driving test at one go. This makes us your automatic choice as a local driving school in Ringwood. Besides:

  • Our lesson curriculum comprises an equal number of classroom and practical sessions so that you get an equal proportion of both the forms of lessons.
  • We offer lesson packages of varying durations for you to choose from depending upon your needs.
  • Despite varying in terms of duration, all our lessons have the same course content, so that regardless of the package you choose, you get the same lessons.
  • We offer both advanced lessons for the ones looking forward to brushing up their driving skills as well as the learners package for the beginners.
  • Our practical training routes are similar to those availed during the test, so that you get accustomed with the features of the routes and the traffic thereof.
  • All our driving packages are pretty affordable.

Our Driving Instructors Are the Best

We have in our team some of the most qualified instructors. They will consider your grasping skills and your mind set at first, using all their experience. This helps them to fabricate training schedules that will help you to be at ease, and keep that sense of jittery and nervousness at bay.

Our mentors are true professionals, caring and compassionate, ensuring that you are able to master the driving skills pretty fast and with confidence. As a highly reputable driving school near Ringwood, we place maximum emphasis on safety and security. As such, all our training vehicles are impeccably maintained.

Driving School Ringwood, Driving School in Melbourne
Driving School Camberwell, Driving School in Melbourne

Get Trained by the Best Mentors

Call us to book the lesson of your choice. Or you can choose your favourite lesson package and get on with the training. Find online by using keywords like ‘best driving school near me’.

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