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Driving School Wollert

The Best Driving School in Wollert

With more than 50 years of experience and with a team of some of the most qualified driving instructors, Defensive Driving School is the best and the most acclaimed driving school in Wollert.  Ever since we started our endeavours more than 50 years ago, the main objective of our venture has been to ‘roll out’ the best, the most knowledgeable and responsible learner drivers, who can pass their driving tests at one go. That’s why, we have always offered the best learner driving lessons, advanced driving lessons and perfect driving test preparations for learner drivers, assisting them to pass their driving test near Wollert.

Driving School Wollert, Driving School in Melbourne
Driving School Wollert, Driving School in Melbourne

Our Driving Lessons in Wollert are the Best

At Defensive Driving School, we offer automatic and manual driving lessons and our driving instructors not only provide training in the technical aspects of driving, but also an understanding of the current Vicroads traffic and safety rules and regulations and road rules. They also include a fair amount of detail of the mechanical anatomy of your vehicles and the functionality of the major parts and their maintenance routines. Thus, our driving lessons in Wollert are all inclusive ensuring comprehensive knowledge for our trainees with a specific coaching methodology.

We offer learner driving training courses for those who are aspiring to learn the basic techniques of driving, and advanced driver lessons for the more experienced drivers looking to brush up on the driving techniques and gaining confidence in different road conditions.

We also offer discount packages, lesson and test packages, overseas licence conversions, advanced driving courses and also provide log book packages for our learner drivers.

No matter which driving course is chosen with our driving school, they have multiple common factors such as quality, affordability and great value for money.  We have a proven track record in driving instruction spanning over 50 years.

All our driving packages offer a good balance between classroom and practical sessions, giving our trainees equal share of both the form of training and that applied to every package they choose.

Our driving instructors are able to speak multiple languages.

If all these do not make us the best driving school near Wollert, what else will?

Driving School Wollert, Driving School in Melbourne
Driving School Wollert, Driving School in Melbourne

Our Driving Instructors in Wollert are Unique

We are home to experienced driving instructors in Wollert – there’s no doubt about it. With our vast knowledge, experience and a professional approach, they bring the best out of our driving students. Regardless of the course package our students choose, they will offer training with the same care, compassion, patience and professionalism.

They maintain an easy paced training method, so that the driving students feel at ease, always, grasping all the technical parameters and skills with ease, authority and pace. This helps them gain momentous confidence, which in turn helps to pass their driving test in Wollert.

And the fact that we are able to pick you and drop you off at a pre-agreed location will give peace of mind and we are able to work around your schedule for convenience.

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