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Driving Test Hawthorn

Driving Test Hawthorn

You will need to prepare thoroughly in order to take your driving test. This includes practising what you have been taught by your instructors and understanding the road signs. But if preparation for the test makes you nervous, you have no reason to worry since we at Defensive Driving School will assist you with the same besides providing the training you need to manoeuvre your vehicle accurately.

During the on-road training sessions, you can get all the practice that you need with our qualified driving instructors. This will help you develop the necessary skills quickly that is required to drive your car efficiently and pass the test. Since the examiners will be observing how you drive your car, use indicators, park the vehicle, you will practice all these skills with our licensed instructors. Our driving instructors will also be constantly reviewing the key criteria from both stage 1 and stage 2 of the VicRoads drive test in order to fine tune your skills and make you a confident driver.

Driving Test Hawthorn, Driving School in Melbourne
Driving Test Hawthorn, Driving School in Melbourne

Your Friendly Guide to Passing the Test

Apart from practice, you will need to have someone with you who can identify your weaker areas and help you improve so that you can become a defensive driver. Our instructors will help you with that. Also, they will be focusing on the road rules,  traffic rules and regulations because your examiner will be asking questions on this very subject apart from determining your vehicle manoeuvring skills.

While preparing in Hawthorn for the VicRoads driving test, our friendly instructors at Defensive Driving School will assist you methodically so that the practice session turns out to be effective. Since the VicRoads driving test is taken in two stages, they will be helping you methodically so that you can get past both stages.

For the first stage, our instructors will help you with starting and stopping your car, turning at intersections, lane changing, reverse parking and three-point turn. For the second stage, they will assist you with driving through busy areas, merging with the other cars and driving on curved and straight roads.

Get Comprehensive Guidance on How to Pass the Test Easily

Instructors at most of the schools just offer a few tips on how to pass the licence exam. But here at Defensive Driving School, we do more than that. We provide real-world examples so that you get an idea about what you will be asked in the VicRoads driving test. This will undoubtedly help you pass the on road practical test.

So, if you want to get the driving licence on your hand, get yourself registered for our driving test today.

Driving Test Hawthorn, Driving School in Melbourne

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As Defensive Driving school has driving instructors operating in Hawthorn for many years, our driving instructors are experts in the area and have the local knowledge essential to our students having the best driving experience in taking your on road driving test. Due to our local knowledge we are able to practice many of the assessment items for your driving test within Hawthorn.   We ask you to contact us via email or using the “BOOK NOW” button on our website and experience our difference.

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