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The Importance Of Driving Assessment For Seniors Citizens

Learning how to drive a car is all about being confident, following the instructions of the trainers, keeping your focus and doing as instructed to you. There is no need to do rash driving or break the traffic laws and signals. Even if you are in a hurry then you must drive safely and carefully because there are other people also on the road. By making any kind of mistake you will not only put your life in danger but also that of the other drivers and pedestrians. So to get the best lessons enrolling in a top driving school in Burwood is a must.

It has been seen that elderly people have a high risk of meeting an accident when they are behind the wheel. There are many mental and physical challenges that they have to go through at their age. When people grow older it affects their motor skills too. Driving in such conditions becomes highly risky and due to all these issues, most elderly drivers leave driving. But you will still find that some senior citizens who enjoy staying behind the wheels often take their vehicles and go on a drive. For them, there are a few important tips and tricks that they need to follow when they are on the road. They need to pass a driving test in Burwood to renew their driving licence.

Functional Assessments

The functional driving assessments for the elderly are conducted by health care experts after consultation with the specialists like physical therapists, ophthalmologists, etc. to ensure that they have cognitive, visual and motor abilities. They may also have to appear for computerised and written aptitude tests and clear if they want to enjoy driving. If you also need to pass the driving test then it is better to learn from the professionals about the manual and automatic driving lessons in Burwood.

Driving Licence Renewal Process For Elderly

When the senior drivers turn 80 they have to undergo medical assessments. If they clear it they are given a medical assessment certificate. Their health care specialists help them in completing and submitting the forms that are needed to renew their driving licence application process. The senior drivers who are above 85+ and if they wish to renew their licence, then they also have to go through the same process. In addition to this, they have to book and go for PDA or practical driving assessment.

If you want to learn the art of driving a car then it is better to enrol in a reputed school to get your driving lessons in Burwood. Over there the professionally trained and experienced instructors will make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, they will come up with some plan that will help you to sharpen your skills and overcome your weaknesses. When the expert instructors are there by your side then you don’t have to take any kind of stress.

The professional instructors of Defensive Driving School will help you in passing the driving test and getting your licence easily. As we have been offering a great service for years, you can trust us to teach you the best driving skills. At our driving school in Burwood, you can easily enrol for learner driving training or advanced driver lessons. If you want to speak to our team, you can give us a call and book an appointment. We will answer all your questions so that there is no confusion and you can easily make your decision.

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